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Daytime Trekking
Environmental interpretation walk, guided by a bilingual expert that will take you to explore the cloud forest. There are several options according to the difficulty level (easy, moderate and advanced) and the length depends on your preferences.
Nocturnal Trekking
These hikes take place during the evenings, and are leaded by a bilingual guide that will take you to the places where nocturnal animals like frogs, serpents, bugs and mammals, develop their lifes under the stars.
Bird Watching
Hikes leaded by birding guides, who have with them a professional equipment for the activity (telescope, laser pointer and binoculars). We offer more than 22 different routes around Mindo and its area of influence, and the length of the walf can be of half day, full day or relative to the animals you wish to see.
Adventure activity that doesn't require a tour guide. The tourist can choose to rent a bicycle for limited periods of time - that go from 1.2 hours to a complete day - and the cost depends on it. Location maps are provided, as well as recommendations on what are the best routes to follow. We also offer guided bike tours, during which you can observe nocturnal amphibious, reptiles and mammals of the area.
Canopy - Ziplines
Adventure activity leaded by two guides per group, who have all the appropriate security equipment with them. It consists of sliding at a great high, through different cables and speeds that vary from fast to slow, and with the possibility of performing some tricks in the air with the help of the guides. You can choose between the full activity, consisting of 10 cables, or a short version of it with 3 cables.
Tarzan Swing
Extreme outdoor activity guided by experts, which consists of balancing your body to take a jump from a 20 meters high platform. The rope has a 40 meters length and the tourists are always protected with helmet, harness and gloves. The maximum weight to be able to jump is 200 pounds.
Canyoning - Rapell
Extreme outdoor activity that consists of descending waterfalls with ropes and a harness, through heights that vary between 12 and 15 meters. It’s guided by one or two experts depending on the size of the group, and it begins with a hike in the forest until a hanging bridge, after which comes the ascension to the top of the waterfall. Altogether, this activity can take between two and three hours.
Cable Car & Waterfalls
Adventure activity that consists of crossing from one mountain to another on a cable car, for a stretch of 530 meters. Once there, you can hike through the forest to visit the different waterfalls that the property has, and appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings. You can stay as long as you like.
Nambillo Waterfall & Spa
Natural attraction that can be visited in a tour or independently, with the help of the maps we provide in our office. This attractions begins with a 15 minutes’ walk to the destination, and once there you can take a refreshing bath in the river, jump from the Nambillo Waterfall or go down the sledge. You can stay the as long as you like.
Armonia Orchid Garden
Interpretation and observation activity, guided by and expert in orchids. The tour lasts about an hour, during which you will enjoy the pleasant experience of seeing in detail these wonderful flowers and taking pictures of them.
Mindo Butterflies Farm
Interpretation and observation activity, guided by and expert that will show you all the stages of a butterfly metamorphosis: egg, larva, pupa and birth. The final show consists of seeing how this insect leaves the pupa and flies for the first time, while being in a garden full of colors in which you can stay as long as you like.
Coffee Tour
Observation and coffee tasting activity, guided by an expert that shows the visitor all the steps for the growing, blooming, harvesting and drying of the coffee bean. To conclude with, you will learn how the experts break the cup.
Chocolate Tour
Observation and chocolate tasting activity, guided by an expert that teaches in detail the artisanal process of extracting cacao. Although Mindo doesn’t have cacao plantations, they do carry out all the steps that follow the harvesting, which has turn into a very interesting and recreational attraction.
This activity is done in the rivers of Mindo, over a type of boat made out of 7 tires filled with air. It consists in descending down the river current, always with the adequate safety equipment like helmets and life vests, and a professional guide. There are different levels of difficulty. For this activity it-s recommended to wear cloth that can get completely wet.
Hummingbirds Garden
Natural attraction that allows the visitor to observe more than 12 species of hummingbirds, besides other types of birds as tanagers and motmots, that not only feed themselves of the nectar served in the water dispensers but also from the flowers of the garden. You can stay as long as you like to take pictures or just as an observer.
Mindo Bonito
Spa located 5 km from the center of Mindo and suitable for the whole family. Here you can swim in pools, play on the sports fields, go fishing, observe hummingbirds, hike in the forest, and much more. They also have a restaurant and accommodation options.
Bamboo Labyrinth
Natural and family attraction, where you will have the opportunity of going deep into the maze while learning about nature and conservation. It’s a self-guided walk, during which you can observe closely and take pictures of plants, insects, amphibious and birds, while you find your way out.
Rio Bravo Private Reserve
Natural attraction full of greenness, in which the tourist can go hiking and reach the tallest waterfall in Mindo. During the walk through rustic tracks, you will enjoy wonderful landscapes and observe birds and insects. It’s the best option to go deep into the cloud forest.
This activity consists in going up the hill, from heights of 1350m - 1650m, on modern mechanic chairlifts, while enjoying the beauty of the cloud forest. The whole tour can last up to 45 minutes both ways, and there is also the possibility of doing some hikes when getting to the top of the mountain.
Paintball is a sport that helps to develop character. The participants learn about team work, and to be able to win, they need to gain trust in themselves and develop leadership skills. Furthermore, the team has fun while getting rid of stress. This activity is new in Mindo and you can enjoy it in couple or in groups of friends and family. It can last from one to three hours, depending on the package you choose.

Transportation Prices

  • Private transportation from Quito to Mindo: $60
  • Private van from Quito to Mindo: $90
  • Private transportation from Quito’s Airport to Mindo: $80
  • Cost per hour of waiting time: $10
  • Private transportation from Mindo to Quito: $60

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